Become a Digital Marketer with Zappkode Solutions

TThe digital marketing stream is not reserved for huge corporations. Regardless of size, industry or geography, digital is a need for growth and business innovation today and beyond.

India is country where thousands of new entrepreneurs are coming up with new Ideas but 80% businesses shut down in the first year itself. The reason isn't difficult to understand “who your customer is??” Digital Marketing will give you the vision to comprehend your Target market in the easiest way possible.

Navi Mumbai is “New Pune” or “New Bangalore” where loads of chances are standing on the doors due to better connectivity with all the cities in India. The startup is the trend in Navi Mumbai.

Although there are numerous Digital Marketing Training Agencies in Navi Mumbai but not a single one available who provides a corporate internship from day 1. Here, I am talking about the 100% actual training on live projects.

Digital Marketing is not theory but practical, Students, Working Professionals or Business Owners are quite busy with their regular activities and they are interested in the quick but deep course with the experience onlive projects.

Here, I come with the option where Navi Mumbai most reputed Engineering college *Saraswati College of Engineering and their design branch called “SCM Design School (SCM Design Institute | Home)” come up with the idea of beginning a Digital Marketing program” with one of the most trusted Digital Marketing Agency in India “Zappkode Solutions (ZappKode)” where realtime Corporates will train students with the experience on live projects. SCM Design Institutes is one of the reputed colleges in Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Fine Arts too.

This program will not overly teach you the crux of Digital Marketing but also help students to shift their career with 100% placement assistance.