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Are you using any Automated Email Marketing Tools To Get Customer?

Let me put the question another way, are you losing out on potential customers?

If yes then, Automated Email Marketing Tools must be one of the most important activities your online business should make as one of its priorities.

Your marketing strategy should be to pull in prospective clients to see the products or services that are offered by your company quickly, efficiently and at minimum cost to you. In addition to this as you generate new products or services you need to let your existing customers know about these.

They have already bought from you and you have built up a level of trust with them already. Therefore, a follow up sale is a natural part of the process. This has now been made much easier with the power of modern technology.

Below are five compelling reasons why you should use Automated Email Marketing Tools. In our today’s blog we will be talking about a very simple and effective email marketing tool, called AWeber.

Before looking at the top 5 reasons to look at before selecting any email marketing tool, do watch my video as to understand how email marketing can benefit you and your business.

#1.Fast and Convenient:

First most USP of any Automated Email Marketing Tools is to be fast and convenient and AWeber fits best to it. You can now reach thousands of people in just a matter of minutes. To do this you use one of the email marketing tools available online.

We recommend you choose AWeber because you can even test drive the product before you buy. This will enable you to determine its simplicity and effectiveness in helping you in marketing your products and services

#2.Easy to Use Email Marketing Tools:

Second quality to look for in any Automated Email Marketing Tools is the ease to understand and work on it. Like I said before, AWeber is very simple to use. This software i.e. AWeber in particular is very accessible. Using AWeber is simple because even the newbie can find their way around.

If stuck, there is a multitude of online video accounts and textual explanations given but the provider to make the whole process very simple. If that does not help they have excellent online support to see you through the process.

#3.You Can Modify Opt-in Forms:

Third quality of any Automated Email Marketing Tools have be the option to modify the Opt-in forms as per the audience and subscribers. These days Opt-in forms are a key component of the marketing process of generating new contacts.

Email marketing tools enable you to modify the forms the way you want them so you will be able to gain the full benefits of the information capture process. AWeber lets you modify their opt-in forms with great ease.

#4.Automatic Follow-Up Emails:

Fourth quality to look for in any Automated Email Marketing Tools is the ability to set up automatic follow-up emails. Once you have captured the data or responses you may have to provide responses to the emails previously posted.

AWeber tool allows you to set these up in advance and at predetermined times. Your emails are then posted automatically saving you an incredible amount of time. This is very convenient as you can set up targeted marketing campaigns easily and very quickly.

#5.Built-in Tracking Options:

Last but not the least and let me say a very important aspect to see in any Automated Email Marketing Tools is the built in tracking options. Good email marketing tools are able to provide tracking and split testing.

This enables you to better understand your specific marketing strategies that you have set up.

For example, you may want to know which of several sales pages options sells better, or by setting up split tests you can determine the best sale price of your product or service. AWeber offers you both of these options.

At present, global market has been very supportive in terms of online emailers. Global pandemic of Covid19 has changed the way of doing business. AWeber Email marketing tool can help you to reach your clients and start building online relationship.

Even though there are a lot of marketing strategies, there has been only one ideal strategy that gives huge impact on your product or service, and that is through Automated Email Marketing Tools or in other words automating your marketing efforts via an email.

However, there are heaps of companies that do not seem to realize this concept and do not exactly know how it goes.  One of the reasons why they fail to execute it is due to the lack of knowledge about how direct email marketing tool works and its advantages to the company.

Actually, there is money in this marketing tool.  You know why, because this will help you increase awareness of the public about your company. 

Since email is said to be the fastest and simplest form of communication, apart the personal approach, the mailboxes of every individual contain countless emails and majority of them are spam.

With that in mind, you can already conclude that email is indeed the best medium of information dissemination.  By using a reliable email direct marketing tool, you can be more specific, convincing as well as effective in sending your emails.

To help you widen your knowledge on the advantages of using email direct marketing tool, go over the rest of the pointers discussed below.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you afford to leave money on the table? 

  • Do you want potential clients to buy someone else’s product or service because they have not found you or know about the products you offer? 

  • Do you have an effective automated email marketing system in place? 

If the answerer is no to these then you need to set up an email marketing campaign in process using one of the online Automated Email Marketing Tools.  Our recommendation is to test drive AWeber click here today by clicking here and see how it can benefit your business.


If you want to know more about email marketing tools, AWeber is one of the easiest to use among other Automated Email Marketing Tools


Click here to opt for one month subscription for free and use it. You will be charged only after your positive feedback on the product. So why not give it a try today.

Pros Cons

The company offers 30-day money back guarantee.

People do not find it attractive although cost is cheaper

Affordable Prices

They have raised the issue on no-free-trial sessions but instead you have to do the $1 sign up. 

Low cost product: $19 a month

It looks costly with getting 250 subscribers for 19 USD

Opt-in email marketing service for generate email data

iContact and GetResponse, they are only charging $8.45 and $18 for the same number of subscribers, respectively.


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