AI for Digital Marketers: Next BIG THING

Personalization was definitely the buzzword in the world of marketing in 2018 and we’re going to see this trend become even more important over the next 12 months and beyond. The way that consumers respond to and interact with marketing messages is changing. Traditional marketing methods like media advertising and direct mail are no longer as effective as they once were. One of the reasons for this is, today’s consumers expect brands to tailor messages to their location, demographics, or interests...

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Important Skills And Tools For Social Media Managers

Everyone would like to pursue career in Digital Marketing today. When most of us use social media and we think it is very easy to take it ahead. Digital Marketing is team work. You can be good in content writing or SEO or SMO but you cannot be master in all until and unless you have decent years of experience. But for a lucky subset of India, being on Facebook, Twitter and the rest . . . is part of the job! Which begs the question: What exactly do you need to master, if you want any company...

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Become a Digital Marketer with Zappkode Solutions

The digital marketing stream is not reserved for large corporations. Regardless of size, industry or geography, digital is a necessity for growth and business innovation today and beyond.India is country where thousands of new entrepreneurs are coming up with new Ideas but 80% businesses shut down in the first year itself. The reason is not difficult to understand “who your consumer is??” Digital Marketing will give you the vision to understand your Target market in the easiest way possible.

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Social Responsibility of Start-up towards Society & Local Community

Being the software agency, we have been the “guarantee” of user-friendly solutions within everyone’s budget with a flair for stunning visuals and flawless functionality. While working with multiple clients, we have not forgotten to our roots too.Social responsibility must at least mean not damaging society, responding to critical social problems and acting in the social interest. Zappkode Solutions always contribute towards economic development of backward regions and weaker sections of the society.

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About Zappkode Solutions

In this video, we have given the gist of Zappkode Solution Services and products. Zappkode Solutions is a Pune based company with branch office in Mumbai and Nagpur. We are into design and development of Websites, Mobile Apps, Custom Software/ERPs and Digital Marketing services.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Zappkode Solutions is also one of best Digital Marketing Training Centre in Nagpur and Mumbai. In this video, we have tried to give brief about scope of Digital Marketing in India and how it is one of going to be one of hottest trends in coming years.

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Zappkode Solutions: Your Idea….Our Code

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